Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Comic Book Icon Archie Dies For Gun Control

The publishers of Life With Archie have announced that Archie Andrews will be killed in the next edition of the comic while protecting a gay politician who is trying to push gun control.

The politician is Archie’s best friend, a former soldier named Kevin Keller who entered politics in order to pass gun control after his husband was shot in an attempted robbery. Archie dies protecting Kevin from a would-be political assassin. The assassin’s identity will be revealed when the comic is released tomorrow.

If Archie’s death sounds like a ridiculous liberal publicity stunt, that’s because it is. Life With Archie underwent a “modern” makeover when it was re-launched in 2010. The new version of the comic targeted liberal readers by dealing with so-called “socially relevant” issues like gay marriage.

Archie’s re-invention generated lots of awards from left-wing organizations, but it must not have attracted many actual readers because Life With Archie will end permanently in August.

Apparently the publishers decided to try one last publicity stunt before pulling the plug. It’s sad to see a classic comic that was created in order to spread a Christian message end in such a silly and cynical way.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama’s Biggest Regret? Failure to Pass Background Checks

A few weeks ago, Obama said that his biggest disappointment as President was Congress’ failure to pass background check legislation.

Yes, you read that correctly. Of all the things he has bungled and ignored over the past six years, Obama thinks that his failure to limit the Second Amendment is the worst failure his presidency.

Really? That’s all he can come up with?

There are about seventeen million things that he should regret more than failing to take away gun rights from law abiding Americans. In case he forgot, here is a short list to remind him of some of the big ones:

Abandoning Iraq and thrusting the country into civil war.
Using the NSA to spy on millions of Americans.
Spending the country’s future into oblivion.
Bailing out all of those banks and companies that were “too big to fail”.
The unmitigated disaster of Obamacare.

Instead, despite this endless list of screw-ups, Obama’s biggest regret is the fact that Congress didn’t pass a background checks law.

2016 cannot come soon enough.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NRA Changes Stance On Guns For “Abusers”

Last week, the Governor of Vermont signed a law allowing police to confiscate guns from anyone under a judicial order for domestic abuse. This means that men and women accused of domestic crimes in Vermont could lose their Second Amendment rights before ever seeing a jury.

Similar laws have passed this year in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Louisiana. In each of these states, local gun groups protested the laws arguing that they not only violate the Second Amendment but also of contradict the basic concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

The groups also argue that these laws will not do very much to actually protect victims of domestic violence. In Vermont, only one domestic violence murder was committed with a firearm during the most recent year on record. In Minnesota, a state of nearly five and a half million people, there were only ten such crimes last year.

Despite this, all four of these laws passed easily in each state. And in each case, their passage was approved and aided by the least likely of organizations: the NRA.

Over the past year, the NRA has been quietly helping legislators pass this kind of domestic violence legislation, either by promising not to oppose the bills or by actively working with the bills’ liberal sponsors. After the Minnesota bill passed, Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Dan Schoen said: “The NRA has been really good to work with on this particular issue. It pains me to say, but they have been.”

It is not entirely clear why the NRA is doing this. Until recently, it strongly opposed this kind of legislation and was successful in preventing the passage of these laws. Perhaps its change of heart has something to do with its recent outreach to women, or maybe it is another one of its lame efforts to appear “bipartisan”.

Who knows?

Either way, the NRA shouldn’t be handing victories to the gun grabbers just to protect its own image.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Supreme Court’s Overkill

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a challenge from a former police officer named Bruce Abramski, who was convicted of "straw purchasing” after he bought a handgun on behalf of his uncle.

Despite the fact that Abramski’s uncle is an eligible gun owner and Abramski transferred the gun through a federally licensed firearms dealer, the Court upheld his conviction.

Abramski’s challenge said that it should be legal for one registered gun owner to purchase a gun on behalf of another eligible gun owner — especially if it is done through the proper channels. (Before taking control of the gun, Abramski’s uncle also passed all of the necessary background checks.)

Yet for the Supreme Court, that wasn’t enough. It ruled that Abramski should also have listed his Uncle’s name on the forms when he made the original purchase.

Tell me something — how does this kind of bureaucratic overkill prevent criminals from getting guns?

It doesn’t — and preventing crime is not the Court’s true intent.

In the majority opinion, Justice Elena Kagan wrote:

“[Federal gun law] establishes an elaborate system to verify a would-be gun purchaser’s identity and check on his background. It also requires that the information so gathered go into a dealer’s permanent records… And no part of that scheme would work if the statute turned a blind eye to straw purchases.”

Protecting this 'scheme' is all that the liberals on the Court really care about.

Just like all the other liberals in Washington, their only goal is to control gun ownership any way they can.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Justice Department’s Gun Grab

Having failed to convince Congress to support its radical gun control agenda, the Obama Administration is now using the Justice Department to attack gun rights through the financial system.

In the latest example of how Obama will stop at nothing to advance his anti-gun agenda, the Justice Department is using the flimsy excuse of “fraud protection” to force financial institutions to cease providing services to gun companies.

The Justice Department is conducting something called “Operation Choke Point”, supposedly in an effort to combat credit card fraud. The operation targets businesses that have a “high risk” of fraud — whatever that means — by forcing financial companies to end their relationships with those companies.

The program was designed to crack down on online payday lenders, but – big surprise! -- Holder and his cronies are also using the program to attack law abiding gun companies.

A new report from the House Oversight Committee found that several gun companies have had their banking relationships severed as a result of this program.

Fox News quotes one of the report’s authors, Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri: “We have documented that they are going after gun and ammunitions manufacturers, gun sellers and non-deposit lenders…There is an orchestrated effort…to do away with entire industries instead of going after the bad actors.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says that several of its members have had their banking relationships terminated as a result of this illegal program, “simply because they are engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms.”

One of the banks participating in the program is TD Bank, which cut off business with a hunting and fishing store because of the program. (Remind me not to attend any Celtics games any time soon!)

This is a disgusting use of executive power to bypass Congress, the Constitution, and the will of the American people. But unfortunately this kind of tactic is all too common from Obama’s Justice Department.

The tyranny of the Obama Administration truly knows no bounds.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Allow Students To Defend Themselves

This past weekend, a killer in California named Elliott Rodgers stabbed and shot six college students in a murderous rampage. By the time law enforcement arrived, he had already taken his own life.

When are Americans going to realize that the only way to stop these criminals is to give people the right to protect themselves on college campuses?

Campus carry would allow students to fight back against school shooters. When a killer strikes, there is no time to wait for the police. Let me ask you this: if someone like Elliott Rodgers attacked you, wouldn’t you prefer to have a gun with you?

Gun grabbers are afraid that allowing guns on campuses would put students in danger, but nothing could be further from the truth. States that allow campus carry have not reported any problems. Utah specifically prohibits gun bans on college campuses, and the law has existed for years without a single serious incident.

Finally, lest we forget — the right to bear arms is an inalienable part of the US Constitution! Students deserve gun rights just like every other American.

I would prefer to send my kids to a university that respects the Constitution and allows law-abiding gun owners to carry on campus. In a worst-case scenario, they would be able to stand up for themselves.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Why McConnell Must Lose

Kentucky conservatives cannot give up on defeating Mitch McConnell in tomorrow’s primary, no matter how much of an underdog Matt Bevin has become. This primary is about far more than kicking a single moderate out of office. It could determine who becomes the next Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate.

Republicans' chances of taking over the Senate this fall are looking stronger and stronger every day. If McConnell loses re-election, the man who replaces Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader could be a true conservative like Mike Lee from Utah (or even Ted Cruz). Lee has the grassroots support and he also has the votes, and he has a real shot of getting the job should McConnell lose.

Even John Cornyn, of Texas, who has been talked up as a replacement for McConnell, would be a real improvement. Despite being closer to the establishment than Senator Lee, Cornyn is guided by conservative principles far more than McConnell.

For the first time in a long time, the most powerful man in the Republican Party could actually be a real conservative.

But if McConnell wins re-election, he will undoubtedly become majority leader and nothing will change in Washington. The most powerful Republican in the country will be a poster child for backroom deal making. The face of the Republican Party will be a moderate known for his earmarks and his support for Wall Street bailouts. Conservatives will be left out in the cold. Again.

Until a true conservative takes over leadership of the Republican Party, all of those Tea Party rallies and marches will have had a limited effect. Tomorrow in Kentucky, conservatives have an opportunity to show once and for all that our voices are more powerful than McConnell’s millions. We need to make it count.